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Not just an ordinary Brain Teaser

Why Mini Line Cube 2?

Much like a Rubik’s cube, Mini Line Cube 2 is an EDC gadget that you can test your spatial and problem-solving abilities, and requires no instruction manual or rule book to play it. but what’s special about Mini Line Cube 2 is its ability to transform into many more shapes than just a cube; and the great portability that it offers, plus, it’s made out of aluminum alloy, the same material that’s used to make aircraft.

Limited Edition, Unlimited Fun

We made Mini Line Cube 2 in 32 countries' flag color to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2018

3D Puzzle

Mini Line Cube 2 is a 3D puzzel with up to 40+ solutions


Redesigned bracelet connector renders sleeker look.

Built Quality

Made with alluminum alloy; long lasting anodized color finish.

Small n' Light

Can easily fit into pockets of any size without feeling bulky.

Core Concept

In order to integrate Mini Line Cube II into our daily life more seamlessly, we incorporated the state-of-art elastic band, allowing it to transform into bracelet, hairband, keychain, and more. The color variety allows you to match practically any outfit. If you’re looking for a EDC that is compact, portable, transformative, challenging yet stress relieving; Mini Line Cube II is the one for you.

mini variant

Benefits of MLC2


mental reflexes to problems


your sense of special perception


focus & concentation


hand-eye coordination


anxiety and boredom


cool all-around

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